Picture 9

Denimology.com just recently launched a site called DenimDuel.com where those people who feel like they have great personal style can put it to the test. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself in denim and compete with other personal style mavens to see how you rank. Visitors to the site will see a side by side photo of you and another stylista and vote for who they like the best.

I voted in several duels. Believe me when I say, its not easy. These people really put a lot of thought into their personal style and it was hard to pick the best sometimes. In a few cases it really came down to the shoes, or a hat or something extra. After several rounds of voting, however, I found myself really getting inspired by some of the looks. Editorials are one thing but there is nothing more inspiring than seeing those that have a flair for street style. 

On a side note, looking at the photo on the right instantly made me think of these Diesel shorts. You obviously can guess who I voted for.