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One of the reasons why denim has such a lengthy stay in our wardrobes is because it just gets better with age. It doesn't matter how often their stained, how many holes appear on them or how much they've frayed. It seems like the more beat up they become, the more we can't bear to part with them. That doesn't mean that every once in a while that hole unfortunately might come a little to close to a sensitive area or those frayed hems might get caught in our strappy sandals.

Thanks to my friend Erica Young over at Madison Plus I was clued in to Bristol 6. Bristol 6 is a company that creates "styling solutions" that seem to consist mostly of nipple pasties. However, they also have a DIY kit for people who either want to customize or repair their own denim. The kit includes seam-rippers, bleach pens, bristle brush, button adjusters, pumice stones and more. This is definitely the kind of item that will have you tearing through your closet to find those old jeans you just can't throw out and go crazy customizing them into something brand new and all you.

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