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J Brand "Lexington" in Pure at www.DonnaIda.com

So the bootcut is making a bonafied comeback after being relegated to knockaround status for the past, say, four years. Nary a bootcut has been seen in fashionable circles since then, having been completely dominated by the leg-lengthening, boot-friendly, shoe-flaunting skinny jean. But could this be considered a true comeback?

The fashion industry in and of itself loves a good comeback, but what I want to know is, why is this one happening so soon? There was a time when the cycle of a trend was a lot longer. Think of how long it took for bell-bottoms to make their way back into our wardrobes. The 80's is super popular right now, but I remember about ten years ago thinking that there was no way that those neon looks, voluminous outfits and sci-fi accessories would ever be seen again except in movies like Pretty in Pink or Revenge of the Nerds. But now look at us. Given enough time, and some reinterpretation, we are quick to embrace those long ago looks once again. But I digress.

I still have bootcut jeans in my dresser drawers, most of which I wear on long flights because they are my most broken in pairs, but I'd never thought that jeans I still wore would be considered eligible for a comeback, unchanged and unedited. My prediction; they won't knock the most popular styles off of their pedestal, but will be another choice in an industry that is currently overflowing with options.