Diesel Kid_13_BASSA

Diesel Kid_09_BASSA 

Back to School season has arrived and the one thing that usually settles the collective groan heard from teens and tweens everywhere is the prospect of showing off a closet full of new clothes. Diesel has just released some new images from the Diesel kids collection which is sure to be at the top of the list of all future rockers and rebels.

For the popular girls, a pair of Fall shorts, the "Platic KXAB8", paired with warm leggings are certain to grab attention and the "Jewul" leather jacket is one of those items that is retired after high school only to be dusted off again after college.

Rebels with a cause, or just homework, will most likely wear the "Sparot" hooded cardigan until it falls apart. With "Koolter J SP1" jeans, a graphic tee and throwback sneakers, even the geekiest kid will have a swagger.