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(Rock Revival "John Black" Straight Leg Denim and Blank NYC "Skinny Studs Denim" in Blank)

Rhinestones, chains, ribbons, skulls, studs, lace and ribbons. So many bad things happen to good denim. These materials, when used to embellish denim, don’t just say “tacky”- they scream it. They give other, more tasteful forms of embellished denim a bad name, and have people running towards the simplest of denim washes out of the sheer fear of potentially being associated with the hideously embellished jeans.

While the fashion-conscious out of us will instinctively avoid these embellished trends (with good reason, as they sound eerily reminiscent of the fashions worn on Jersey Shore) there is a way to wear embellished denim without looking incredibly tacky. Just remember: subtlety is key.

Embellished jeans don’t have to mean over-the-top, entirely attention-demanding styles. You can wear jeans that have a little pop, that aren’t entirely bare and classic, without looking like a fool! Take brands like Rock Revival and Blank NYC. The jeans produced by these brands aren’t simply the classic, simple pair of jeans with pockets and nothing else, but they are only slightly embellished for a tasteful, but never boring look. Rock Revival’s signature detailed flap-pockets, featuring heavy stitching and fleur-de-lys patterns, as well as their big, detailed buttons serve as poignant embellishment that bring a spark of originality to your denim. Blank NYC, specifically the Skinny Studs Denim in Black, provide jeans with sparse embellishments that nonetheless make a statement. 

Rather than wearing denim entirely covered in studs, patterns or rhinestones, opt for brands like Rock Revival and Blank NYC, where embellishment is employed but sparsely, ensuring that your denim is both exciting and tasteful.

There’s no reason to avoid embellished denim- just as long as you steer clear of excessive rhinestones and things of the like.

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