Levi's held an event at their Soho store last night to introduce their new CURVE ID initiative. CURVE ID is based on the idea that body-types are not created equal and is meant to help women find the perfect fit by focusing on shape, not size. Through research, Levi's was able to identify three distinct body types that make up 80% of women and labeled them "Slight Curve", "Demi Curve" and "Bold Curve".

When I walked into the event, I was directed towards one of the many staffers who was walking around with a customized tape measure. She told me to lift my arms and tied a black cord around my waist. Then she took the tape measure and wrapped it about 4 inches below at the top of my hips. After that another measurement was taken at the widest part of my hip. When she was done, I was told I was a Bold curve, but borderline enough to fit a Demi. I suspected as much because, although I'm a size 27, I always have problems with gapping at the waist due to jeans made for less curvy 27s. 

Now that I've been told by an expert what I have kind of always known, I feel somewhat validated and I can't wait to try on these jeans. I pick out bootcuts, skinnies and straightlegs in the Bold curve and one bootcut style in the Demi curve because I want to see the difference. I stand in a short line with a long wait at the dressing rooms behind other guests, while we patiently wait for our fellow editors to finish trying on their picks.

When I finally get a dressing room, I immediately try on all the Bold fits. At first I had a hard time getting them over my hips, but when I did, the waist fit perfectly. I thought about why that was, but then realized it made sense. After all, my waist is much smaller than my hips so getting that part over them might be a challenge until I break them in. When I turned around to check out the rear, I was awed. My ass looked amazing! Then I tried on the Demi. It was a no go. My hips were too wide for the style and I could barely button them.

In the end, I walked away with a pair of dark, bootcut jeans that I absolutely fell in love with. Why? Because I don't have to wear a belt, my butt looked awesome and most of all, no plumber's crack.