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Topman Denim Presents

I think everyone will agree with me that our clothing tells a story about us. However, agree or disagree, in my opinion there isn't one article of clothing that tells that story as thoroughly as a pair of jeans. There's the red paint on the thigh that came from painting my first shoebox studio in Manhattan, or the rip in the knee I got from falling after a game of parking lot tag in college. There's also the skinny jeans that I always roll up because I think it looks better or the boyfriend jeans that I never roll up because I think of them as the un-skinny jeans. All of these attributes and imperfections have added to their character and are a reflection of my identity. Seriously, can you find any other article of clothing that has such a singular quality?

To capture this, British high street brand Topman has teamed up with up-and-coming film director, Laurence Ellis, to produce three short films. The films will follow the lives of three young men, Louis, Henry and Sid, and will be the focus of an online campaign to showcase Topman's denim line.

"Jeans are something very real and transcend passing trends," says Ellis. "They are a part of each person and are worn very differently. The characters that we created and the journeys they take are each very individual and reflect their stylistic identity."

The films will launch online, Monday, October 4th at including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Along with the video, visitors to will be able to browse the new collection in a dedicated denim room that will also feature the styles worn in the film.