Most denimheads already know of the Denim Design Lab Kit, but for those budding aficionados, it is a limited-edition toolkit made of selvage denim and stocked with all the tools you'll need to hand customize your jeans. Included is a copy of the Denim Design Lab book which chronicles the history of denim and can also provide inspiration when trying to come up with your own unique finish.

If you made it out to Atrium and DenimHunt's Fashion Night Out event than you would have seen these kits put to use and the fascination on the faces of event-goers as they saw a pair of jeans transform into something with a lot more personality.

Since the introduction of these kits over three years ago they have only been created in limited runs of 200 each. They normally retail for $200 but can be purchased at Atrium boutique in New York and Miami for only $150.