Renzo Rosso 3

I love writing about philanthropy in fashion, so much so that I think I should start another blog about it. Maybe I'll call it "Fashion Feels Good". I'm not an activist or anything, but with everything going on in the world it's nice to hear about people doing good things for others.

The latest company to show us it has a heart as big as its assets is superbrand Diesel. Founder Renzo Rosso recently announced the public launch of his Only The Brave Foundation, an organization which has been active since 2008. Only The Brave Foundation was created to encourage young people to get involved in helping eliminate extreme poverty around the world, starting with Africa, which is one of the most impoverished regions to date.

Because of his commitment to this worthy cause, Rosso has been named a Millenium Promise MDG Global Leader in conjunction with the Millenium Development Goals Summit at the United Nations. In this capacity, he will make a series of public announcements encouraging corporations as well as the public to get involved and help the United Nations reach their goal of eliminate extreme poverty by 2015. 

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