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Denim dresses have really made the most amazing impact this Spring and surely you would agree with me when I say they've become a coveted item to complete your wardrobe. In my opinion, this is due to several reasons. 1) The technology to create and treat denim as a fabric has advanced to the point where we no longer have to worry about a dress that's stiff and immovable. 2) Brands have expanded finishings beyond basic washed-down indigos, black or, ewww, acid wash. Let's leave that for the People of Wal-Mart. 3) Design teams have realized that you can create gorgeous silhouettes that are wearable on any occasion. Case in point, Michelle Trachtenberg's red carpet look, Kristin Cavallari's slim body-con dress, or Emmy Rossum's spaghetti-strapped babydoll dress.

Charley 5.0, a company known for taking denim beyond the basic five-pocket jean, makes some of the best dresses on the market. Their latest creation is the super cute Fully Armored Dress that is made with gray denim. I will admit bias because I own this very item and have fallen completely in love with it. Because of this, however, I can personally attest to a flattering fit and, at the risk of sounding cliche, a look that can go from day to night. When it comes to denim dresses nowadays, that's what it's all about.

The dress retails for $288 and can be found at www.shopbop.com