About a month ago  Topman announced that they were producing three short films with up-and-coming director  Laurence Ellis
that would follow the lives of three
young men and would be the focus of an online
campaign to showcase Topman’s denim line. Well, the wait is now over.

Meet Louis, Henry and Sid. Actually, just meet Henry and Sid as for some reason I got a YouTube message saying “This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”. I don’t know who WMG is but..okay. Henry walks and walks and walks through half his film and Sid skateboards his way through most of his. Then they both say something fashionably profound without moving their lips. Then they swim. Through it all they are wearing items in their own unique, and very European, styles from Topman’s denim collection.

All the videos are posted on Topman.com (including Louis, who bikes) with a link to shop their styles. I recommend buying it all.