So Gap came out with a new logo and pretty much made it impossible for anyone not to talk about it. I wonder if that was the point. Between every other business and fashion journalist weighing in on the intelligence of the move, to being bombarded with facebook friends recreating the logo with their own names and cheekily accusing the Gap of theivery, I found myself having a spirited conversation with a friend last night on what they should've done. I realize, as not being a business executive, this is akin to being an armchair quarterback during football season, but what the hell.

Gap has a tendency to come up with good ideas but then execute them very poorly. Good idea – hiring celebrated designer Patrick Robinson as Creative Director. Poor execution – not letting him use the talent in which he was hired for (I'm assuming he was subdued by the corporate machine). Good idea – creating a capsule premium line Gap 1969. Poor execution – displaying it in such a way that it highlighted how sober the rest of the store was. Good idea – recreating the logo. I personally don't think it was a bad idea because the current logo is a reminder of how stale their offerings have become. Poor execution – well, it's obvious.

What do I think? Go back to the days when we all wanted to "Fall into The Gap". Back in the '80s and into the 90's everyone who was anyone shopped at The Gap. The old logo was simple, fun and brings back those memories and I would love to see it reinterpreted for the millenium. Of course Gap would have to release Robinson from his virtual cage and let him go a little design wild. What good is rebranding if the product is still the same. But wouldn't that be shocking. To see cutting edge design at Gap, branded with their original logo. 

Sound off. What do you think?