Diesel:U:Music has been around for ten years. Can you believe it? In that time they have launched or helped along the careers of some of our favorite indie artists like M.I.A., Mylo and Diplo.

Now D:U:M is in a search for the next big thing by holding a contest in the vein of Diesel brand's new "Be Stupid" campaign. Diesel wisely realizes that a band is nothing without their wacky fans and now those very same fans have the chance to display their wackiness to benefit the bands they love in "The Stupid For Music Cup". Considering all of the crazy things that fans have done without prompting for their favorite artist, it's going to be interesting to see what they do when goaded. There will be prizes for both bands and fans alike with one band and one stupid fan (Diesel's words) winning the plastic trophy.

Watch the video for more info and visit music.diesel.com to enter.

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