Alkemy - Denim

Alkemy - Denim2


Or more like "Styles of the Day". Alkemy Denim has a few pieces that I think are worth an honorable mention. The first, and my favorite of the two, is the A103D002-649-VsZ. Whew, I actually had to look at the keys for that one. I guess they figure, who needs names. Anyhow, it's a grey crosshatch denim with baked whiskers and scraping details. When the crosshatch look was popular I was on board with it but lately can only take it in small, creative doses. This version is definitely of that type. I think the vertical scrapes across the front create a nice effect.

The second is the A103D005-646-MSZ. They're listed like that on the website too by the way so I'm not just being funny. It's a black slub denim with baked crinkle. The crinkle is a draw with this jean because it adds a papery effect which I'm not sure is intentional or not.