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As the world of fashion enters the world of the mobile app it's been interesting to see the ideas that different brands have come up with. After all, apps aren't just simple e-commerce. They are meant to give us a unique experience in a world where we have shed our analog selves and live in an almost digital reality. Luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton as well as premium denim brands like G-Star all have apps that do things like direct you to the hottest eateries or let you preview the best runway-ready music. Sometimes the apparel itself can be an afterthought to the aspirational lifestyle the app represents.

True Religion Brand Jeans is the latest brand to create an iPhone app. It basically says forget all that, we're all about the clothes man. The app is simply an online shop iPhone style and gives users, who are most likely hardcore fans, the ability to browse the shops and purchase clothes while on the go. I can't imagine making purchases while on the subway or while out to dinner but maybe that's the future of shopping.


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