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Levi's is launching the new Levi's Water<Less range and now the empty water jugs hanging over our heads at the last Levi's party I went to awhile back make sense.

The Levi's Water<Less collection is a range of jeans made by reducing the amount of water used in the finishing process by 28%. The average jean uses about 42 liters of water in the finishing process so you do the math.

What's great is that the process itself hasn't changed, just been tweaked. For example water has been removed from the stone wash and washing cycles have been combined. Also, the line features familiar silhouettes like the 511 skinny and the 514 slim straight.

Denim has a not so great reputation when it comes to the environment so it's great brands like Levi's and the denim industry as a whole have come together to find different ways to make the process of creating our beloved jeans safer and guilt free.


Levi'sR NEW Water Less Jeans