Diesel Island 1


After the clever hilarity that was the Diesel "Be Stupid" campaign, the brand enters 2011 with a whole new campaign. The tagline reads "In 2011 the brand sets off to create a brave new world for the braves and terminally stupid." If that is any indication, this is going to be interesting.

The theme is an island nation utopia where you can escape all that's wrong in the world and keep what's good. One of those things that's good is wearing head to toe Diesel and of course, being stupid, natch.

While the islanders are solving the world's problems, and looking gorgeous while doing so, a whole campaign will be centered around their journey. Not only will there be a print and online campaign, but there will also be viral videos, a facebook app, a game, even pirate radio. A Wikipedia page will be created as well which will be updated every week as the society evolves. Now that is some serious thinking out of the box.

Diesel retail stores will act as embassies with a chance for customers to gain Diesel Island citizenship. Considering everything that's going on in the world, oh to live in such a place.





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