9am Rouched Dress

When you talk about denim all day everyday, you spend most of your time talking about jeans. You analyze every little detail, every little nuance and try to express it in a way that makes you understand what's so special and unique about all of these different brands.

With that said, it always gives me flutterbelly when I see something different. Denim used non-traditionally or jeans made with unusual silhouettes are always going to be encouraged by us because it further proves how versatile and wearable the fabric is. nine:in:the:morning is a fairly new brand based out of Italy which, with denim offerings like ruched dresses, halter dresses and droolworthy harem pants, is proving just that point.

In all honesty, we know here that you guys don't really need much convincing when it comes to the versatility of denim. But I love it when brands like nine:in:the:morning give me the chance to talk about fabulous dresses or things that are normally left to the mainstream fashion bloggers.


9am Halter Dress-1

9am Harem Pants