(Photo courtesy of InStyle.com)


Here's something interesting.

InStyle Magazine and Sports Illustrated polled about 20,000 men and women to see what they really think about such things as Valentines day, skinny jeans and shopping. Other magazines have done guy vs gal polls before but this is pretty genius if you think about it. I mean, who better to really gauge the sexes than the ultimate fashion mag and a guy bible. Looking through the poll, I'm actually surprised at how often the sexes agree. I mean, come on, men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. We're all from planet Earth. Thanks for proving that InStyle and Sports Illustrated.

We posted a sample of the results, but to see the full poll go to news.instyle.com.


What will you buy your wife/girlfriend for V-Day?

64% say flowers 

19% forget to buy anything 

17% say jewelry 


Valentine’s Day is…

He says: Ok, I’m not a fan, but it doesn’t bother me, especially if it makes her happy (68%)

He says: Loathsome (26%)

He says: Incredible! I secretly love it (6%)

She says: I can take it or leave it (64%)


Skinny jeans?

He says:  they don’t do it for me (45%) 

She says: they’re hot! (47%)


Hair extensions?

The sexes agree again – an overwhelming majority (84%) say NOT hot.


Over-the-knee boots

He says: sexiest trend right now (67%) 

She says: Agreed! (58%)


Shopping with your girl?

53% say it’s mind-numbingly boring

BUT nearly half say it may be dull but I don’t mind (43%)


Hottest hairstyle?

The sexes agree — long waves rock!


JENNIFER Aniston, Love Hewitt, Garner and Lopez?

Aniston is the ultimate dream date (41%), followed by Love Hewitt (33%).


Do you care if a woman has a manicure?

75% of males say no!