(The card I sent to my Guess Who)


In response to the disturbing rate of teen suicides last year G by GUESS, a brand extension of GUESS whose shown a strong penchant for corporate social responsibility, has partnered with Love is Louder.

Love is Louder is a campaign launched in 2010 by actress Brittany Snow, MTV and The Jed Foundation to inspire those who have been mistreated and amplify online support for bullying-related suicides. I know I for one was deeply disturbed by the rash of teens taking their lives last year and am glad that there are concerned people and companies out there doing something about it.

You can do something about it too and make your Valentine happy at the same time. G by GUESS has created six Valentine's Day e-cards that are are fun, quirky and flirtatious. For every free card sent, G by GUESS will donate $5 to Love is Louder.

The cards are only available today. Go to to get started.