Last Fall Levi's launched a new fit system called Curve ID whose three silhouettes, 'Slight, 'Demi' and 'Bold' were made to satisfy a whopping 80% of women's body shapes. Now, in an attempt to gain the last 20%, Levi's has introduced another fit called 'Supreme' Curve.

Supreme aims for the curviest of women regardless of size by sitting higher in the back and lower in the front. Even though, technically I'm a size 27, I fit into the 'Bold' Curve so I totally understand how important it is to have jeans that don't give you plumbers crack every time you take a seat. Nothing like the random homeless guy or the Apple store guy telling you your pants are 'ahem' too low (Yes, this really happened).

Levi's specialist will measure you and tell you what fit you are when you walk into the store, however just for educational purposes try on all four fits. It's fun I tell you.