Living in New York City has it's advantages, one of them being that many of the brands have showrooms here which keeps me from having to do the hectic tradeshow circuit. However, at the recommendation of our friend Jessie Thorpe over at Denimology, I decided to give Coterie a go. I've been on the other end of tradeshows, and stuck in a booth, so actually browsing them was quite different. You don't get the personal attention you get in a showroom because of the buyers and retailers clamoring for the same attention, but I did get to meet brands that don't have a presence in New York or with whom for some reason or another I've never met.

Rich & Skinny Jeans is one of those brands and was one of my first stops. I perused their racks and pulled out some of my favorite looks from their collection, the majority of which were lightweight trousers, flares and bootcuts. Because they have 'skinny' in their name I thought it only appropriate to pull out at least one skinny jean, so I chose the craziest pair I could find. That "acid-wash" effect looked like it was done with a coating; an interesting effect if this is the case.