Here's something to kick off your weekend with a smile. Not to mention a nice warm and fuzzy.

Across the pond in Liverpool a store called River Island hosted a charitable event called "River Island Denim Week" to benefit Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. To participate the store asked for passersby to drop off their old jeans in return for a free pair of River Island jeans. But, there was a catch. A very inneresting catch.

In order to get their free jeans, participants had to be willing to trade the jeans they had on…in public. The result, over 150 locals stripped down to their underwear, swapping out their old jeans for new ones. These must be the people who listened to their moms when they said always wear clean underwear, or listened to their friends who said always maintain your bikini wax.

It's hard to tell who had more fun, the people participating, or the ones watching. Now you know what I meant when I said warm and fuzzy.