Hot Weather Must Haves


If you follow 7 For All Mankind on Twitter or Facebook like me, than you've probably been aware of the trivia questions they've been asking lately. Well, the trivia was a lead up to a video the brand launched today on Facebook featuring LA fashion stylist Zoe Glassner. Yes, now all the questions can be answered.

In the video, Zoe highlights her favorite must-haves for Summer broken down into seven looks, natch. Using only items from the 7 For All Mankind collection, she describes how to wear each piece and in what context it would work. My personal favorite, which also happened to be Zoe's favorite, was look number five, the "Silky Pleated Crop" with a plain white tee.

Now it's time to watch the video and do your homework. Correct answers to trivia questions will lead to prizes such as nail polish and discounts. #besttestever!