A few weeks ago I got a mysterious email with "A little surprise from Diesel" in the subject line. It started with a greeting from Paris and went on to tell me that Diesel had come up with a "highly original way" to launch their latest endeavor. That was followed with a half naked guy in a jacket, flashing me. A generous black box was placed over his private area with the words "Want to see more. Just click." So, of course I clicked, but it wasn't a link. So I sent back an email with my address and then, quite frankly, forgot about it.

Yesterday, I received the package and was surprised to see what was in it; two boxes of Diesel fragrance. One for him and one for her. Where's the naked guy? j/k. I'm a sucker for clever packaging and the boxes came in a denim pouch, about the size of a laptop sleeve. Inside with the fragrances was a newsletter and a smaller pouch filled with a sewing kit, Diesel patches for jeans, and some other doodads.

I've never been a big perfume person and my collection is limited to three bottles; Prada, Issey Miyake and my absolute favorite Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I opened the perfume box to try it on and perked up when I saw the bottle. The oval shaped bottle was "clothed" in denim. I had to take a picture and tweet it out (follow DenimHunt on Twitter). It was so cute. It even had a zipper on the side so I could "undress" it. I don't find the fragrance to be as girly as my others which may work when I'm going jean casual. The newsletter describes it as being "a woody floral". Works for me.