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If you follow DenimHunt regularly than you know that I often talk about philanthropy and social responsibility whenever I have the opportunity.

When it comes to denim, an eco-friendly program that's often used by retailers like The Gap and Barneys involves promotions that offer a discount for customers who bring in a used pair of jeans. Maybe you've wondered what happens to your jeans after they're donated. Most likely you haven't. Either way, if you've donated jeans recently, this should give you a nice warm and fuzzy. 

You're old blues could very well have been recycled into insulation that was recently used to build a home in New Orleans' Upper Ninth Ward District by Habitat for Humanity and Cotton Incorporated. Check out COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN and learn more about how your jeans become insulation. It really is quite interesting. Who knows, next time you donate your jeans, you could be doing a small part to help a needy family.