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The West Coast's famed denim boutique American Rag, has just introduced a why-hasn't-anyone-done-it-before technology that answers one of our most widespread questions when trying on jeans, or clothes in general, and that is, how does our ass look. That technology is, duhdaduhduhhhh, the "Ass Camera". Yeah, seriously, it's called the Ass Camera, patent pending and everything.

Can you imagine the infomercial? "Say goodbye to neck strain, those ugly twist and turns and contorting your body into unimaginable positions just to get a look at your derriere with – The ASS CAM!"

It works by connecting to a video monitor embedded into the dressing room mirror which shows customers a rear view of their body from the closed circuit camera. I have one suggestion though. It should take still pictures and let you email them to yourself. Come on, how often do you see pictures of yourself from the back.

The cameras will be installed in dressing rooms in American Rag's shop-in-shop, the World Denim Bar in their Los Angeles and Newport Beach locations.