A101P_SP201_33_BS06W (Ben Sherman "True Icon" Jeans, £72, K&Co)


For women it's easy to stay on top of fashion. There are a plethora of magazine articles, websites, blogs and TV shows dedicated to advising women how to dress for their shape and the perfect styles for them. But for guys, it's not so easy. Even with such little support, however, guys are still expected to look their best. So, in association with UK online shopping destination K&Co, here’s a simple guide to picking out a pair of perfect jeans;

The First, and most obvious, step is to find out what size you are. Men's jeans are sized by measuring the waist and length with the numbers in that order; for example 34W-36L. The next step is to learn which style flatters your body type the most. Jeans for men may not come in the amount of styles available for women, but there are enough options out there for you to find the right style for your body. Typically, straight-leg jeans and low-rise cuts are perfect for those guys with a slender build. For a leaner figure, you may want to consider a boot-cut jean. Last, but not least, when picking out the perfect jeans consider the occasion they will be worn.

Styles can vary with each brand, so it's important to try on different types of jeans before you make your final choice. If you're looking for a great collection of mens clothing and men's jeans, then you should check out www.kandco.com whose collection is sure to help you find the perfect pair.