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First the Barbie LBD collection on Gilt Groupe last week and now this. Barbie is everywhere! At least in a fashion sense.

UNIQLO, as part of their UT t-shirt division is launching a collection of Barbie printed t-shirts featuring unique, vintage Barbie designs from all eras.

To celebrate the launch, which hits UK stores Monday June 13th, UNIQLO is giving you the chance to become a Barbie style icon. How do you do that? Well, First you've got to buy the t-shirt, duh! Then you've got to have the 'Barbie Box'. Next you bring your dream Ken, if you have one and he's willing. Last you have a professional paparazzo take a photo of you, with your Ken, in the box. Don't have a Barbie t-shirt, a Barbie Box, a dreamboat Ken or a paparazzo? Don't worry. UNIQLO will provide that for you. At least all but the Ken. 

As a bonus, each t-shirt comes with its own exclusive Barbie key-ring and you get to keep your paparazzi print for free.

Sorry US customers, your out. But if you live in the UK head down to the UNIQLO flagship store on 311 Oxford Street, Saturday June 18th between 12 – 5pm.