Have you ever noticed that short films made by denim brands always seem to have a certain element of nudity? Now that I think about it, it's not just in film. Abercrombie's campaigns are notorious for their half naked models and all you have to do is walk past the Hollister store in Soho to see what they're selling, or what they're not selling.

The Silver Jeans Co. Spring/Summer 2011 campaign video features the requisite pretty young things frolicking somewhere on vintagy things, however, they have forgone the various stages of undress you normally see, such as a shirtless guy with a rippling chest or a willowy barefoot girl twirling dreamily. Instead 39 seconds into the video we get them stripping straight down to their skivvies to "skinny dip" in a secluded lake. I assume that I have the attention span of most Americans, which is fairly short, so it's no surprise that before I even had a chance to focus in on the jeans I was noting that all of the girls had on the same lacy bra in different colors and the most boring black underwear. It wasn't until a cute scene comes up where the girls wait until the guys get in the lake and grab their jeans as if to steal them, but instead put them on boyfriend style, that my attention was brought back to where it should be.

So the question I have is why is it that most films centered around denim play out like a Victoria's Secret ad? I have no opinion on whether it's good or bad. For me it's just something that just is. However that does nothing for my curiosity. What do you think? Is it as simple as just saying 'Sex Sells'?