The OMG Jeans Stores are a familiar site in New York City with their colorful signage and, shall we say, eclectic windows that literally scream at you. It's kind of like a Starbucks, you don't notice it until you want one, but if they were all to disappear there'd be an imbalance in the force.

Recently, the retailer has expanded into e-commerce, launching On the site you can expect the same merchandise you would find in the stores such as RVCA, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Ray-Ban and a loads of kicks. The brick and mortar store always seamed geared towards the casual youth who prefers a one-stop shop for brands without the department store setting and the website seems to have that same appeal as well.

As evidenced by the photo, the retailer is known for it's deep discounts. However, there are some pretty cool incentives to shopping them online. For a limited time if you enter the code SMILE at checkout you can get 10% off your order. They're also offering the holy grail of online shopping- free shipping if you order over $100 or more of merch and free return shipping on any order. For Manhattanites, OMG is offering free same day delivery.