GUESS' creative partnership with famed photog Ellen von Unwerth had us seeing a lot of black and white these past few seasons. It's been hard to miss those iconic-like, larger than life photos plastered on billboards or in the windows of GUESS stores throughout the city. I was especially drawn to those that were taken in rustic or throwback settings such as the latest ad with Amber Heard and Silviu Tulu. I'm not over analytical about photography, but I know what I like, and I was truly able to get lost in them.

Now the company is going in a whole new direction. Just in time for the influx of color we've been seeing in apparel, GUESS by Marciano will kick off their Fall 2011 ad campaign with an explosion of vibrant color. The campaign was shot by Alix Malka and, as evidenced by the images (above), is definitely a more glamorous direction than the nostalgia of Unwerth.

It wasn't clear in the press release if the GUESS by Marciano ads will replace all or some of the GUESS ads but we won't have long to find out as the new campaign kicks off in magazines this August.

So, now the obvious question is, which campaign do you like best? So far I still love the black and white images but I'm kind of enthralled by the haziness of the color photos. Either way, I hope GUESS comes out with a coffee table book with their ad campaigns over the years. I'd buy it.