Amsterdam-based boutique Tenue de Nimes is launching a collection of special, hand-dyed, natural indigo Chuck Taylor All Stars. According to the boutique, Chuck Taylors and jeans have long been a staple of youth culture and music which makes this the perfect mashup. Can't argue there.

The sneakers were created by the Manabe family from Okoyama, Japan who own the Momotaro brand and are known to be legendary denim experts. Manabe produced 50 pairs of the limited edition shoe which were hand-numbered and decorated with a Tenue de Nimes cross on the inner sole.

They will be presented this week during an event at the boutique celebrating the start of Amsterdam Fashion Week and will retail for 89,90 euros. For those of us stateside, you can find them on their website. Act fast because there's pretty much a guarantee no one in your neighborhood will have them.