Commuter by Levi's


If you've walked past a Levi's store recently, you've probably wondered what those jeans were in the window with the  bike lock attached to them. With so many denim brands getting creative with their store windows, it's not unusual to confuse some new programs with installation art. However, it's all part of a new initiative by the brand called "Commuter by Levi's" which is clothing designed and optimized specifically for the needs of the urban commuter cyclist.  

The initiative is built around the popular '511' skinny fit for men and comes in two styles – a full length and cropped version – with both denim and non-denim fabrics. The series also includes a Commuter version of the classic Levi’s Trucker Jacket.

All Commuter by Levi’s products feature high tech fabric and construction upgrades that increase mobility and durability such as water-resistance, dirt-repellant, hidden reflectivity and hygiene functions which provide protection against odors.

The initiative isn't just limited to cutting edge apparel. Levi's is also partnering with Urban Outfitters  to launch the “Get in the Saddle” bike shop tour. The bike shop will go to where cyclists are and create temporary resource centers around the country complete with a bicycle tuning center, a custom commuter tailoring shop and a bicycle photo-booth. The tour kicks off in early August in New York City and ends in Portland in late September with stops in major cities along the way.

The 511 Commuter Skinny and 511 Commuter Cropped Skinny will retail for $78. The Commuter Trucker Jacket will retail for $128. Both will be available at select independent bike shops as well as select Levi's stores and