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There are an insane amount of premium denim brands out there with new ones popping up daily and just sticking to the status quo isn't going to cut it anymore. I mean, seriously, there's only so many things you can do with a skinny jean. This seems to be a fact that's not lost on the newbies as many of them seem to be focusing on specific areas like coatings (Resin Denim) or colors (M2F Brand Denims).

Coming to the US for Fall is Italian brand Obscene Jeans. These are not your typical everyday jeans that can easily transition from day to night. These jeans are more for the party circuit and are made to transition from club to club. Founder, Robert Federowicz readily admits to being inspired by the party capitals of Europe and wanting to create jeans that were flat out sexy. Sexy is a relative term, but they definitely draw attention to the parts men like.

I love how on their website it says "For a striking, sensual yet barbaric flair for the races at the Monte Carlo Formula 1 or a bold and brazen style for a night out in Copenhagen" Barbaric? Interesting description. Long story short, this brand knows that it's going to appeal to a certain type of woman and I say to each her own.