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(image courtesy of Denim Refinery)



We'd like to come up with a new acronym. As an alternative to DIY, we'd like to coin the term DIFM which would translate into "Do It For Me".

Let's face it, as much as we'd like to be, we can't all be Erica Domesk of P.S.- I made this. I know I certainly don't have the time or the creative energy to make a Proenza Schouler-inspired baroque necklace out of parchment paper, clay and ribbon. Seriously, she's like the McGuyver of DIY. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to find a company like Denim Refinery who basically will, you know, do it for me. 

Denim Refinery is an online custom service where you can re-invent the appearance of your already worn jeans. You can choose from a set of styles with the help of a consultant or if you're feeling especially "creative" you can come up with your own look. This isn't just a novelty service either. The treatments are pretty extensive and there are a lot to choose from like bleached, abraded, foiled, numerous overdyes and even laser treatment. I recommend looking through their before and after page which will impress you with what they can do.

Along with refurbishing your own jeans, you can also shop their online boutique which features a selection of vintage denim pieces that have been redesigned.