Denim originated as workwear for men, but it's the fabric's use in womenswear that has propelled into it's current status as a fashion staple. Certainly, women have more options like, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, shoes, handbags and whatever else you can think of. Guys you have a long way to go to catch up. However, one item that should be prevalent, but we don't see very often is a men's denim trouser.

Most brands that specialize in men's denim also produce trousers, but they're usually a traditional twill and not indigo-dyed. For some reason I find that so peculiar, since trousers have become such a big push with some companies. And with the masters of handcrafted denim Rogue Territory consistently selling out of their RK Trouser due to the high demand this is obviously an area that is only be satisfied by a handful of brands.

The RK Trouser is an exclusive collaboration between Rogue Territory and Ryan Plett of [you_have_broken_the_internet]. It is made of lightweight Japanese selvedge denim with a relaxed seat that gets slimmer at the leg.

As with most coveted items, the trouser will only be available for a limited time starting today through Sunday, August 7th at www.RogueTerritory.com