One kick ass collaboration!

Check out the video above of conceptual artist Ryan Gander redesigning the G-Star RAW 'Arc Pant' for Wallpaper* Magazine's Artist Intervention series.

Gander drew inspiration from modernist Le Corbusier's phrase "By law all buildings should be white" and added distinct white embroidery to G-Star's iconic jeans that mimic drips of paint. This phrase also inspired him to invent a national holiday in Japan called 'New New Day' which encourages people to paint buildings white. The symbol for the holiday is 'Cleaning Helping Friend', a tiny figurine in Le Corbusier-style glasses with paintbrush in hand who is attached to the jeans by a keyring. So I guess, in a way, the paint-drip embroidery and the figurine represent Le Corbusier in the act of painting the 'Arc Pant', which could be interpreted as modernist, white.

The jeans were previewed at Wallpaper* Magazine's Handmade exhibition during this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan and will now be available as a limited-edition jean for the public. Only 30 pairs were made and will be sold for the regular retail price at select G-Star stores with one pair being auctioned on the G-Star Facebook page.

I love how Gander says in the video, "I like the idea that someone might think they’re damaged, try to return them and not realise they’re getting a limited edition". There's just something so incredibly cool about that.