Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, Italy pictures


Because, I'm leaving for Venice tomorrow, I found this story refreshing and fitting.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso has offered to restore the storied italian city's Rialto bridge. The bridge dates back to 1591 and, other than the canals and waterways, is a must-see attraction.

According to the Telegraph, Venice gets a whopping 60,000 visitors a day which has "reduced [the Rialto] to an increasingly fragile state" with large cracks in the marble and a stone balustrade collapsing this year.

Normally special funds pay for the upkeep of monuments, but due to massive debt, famed fashion brands and VIPs, such as Rosso, have stepped up to help fund the restoration and upkeep of Italy's historical sites. 

Although I've been to Italy many times, I've never been to Venice and the Rialto bridge is one of the attractions I'm looking forward to seeing. I'm so glad that people like Rosso are using their considerable resources to give back so that we all can continue to admire and appreciate history.