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No one channels Americana as deftly as legendary designer Ralph Lauren. I hate to use the term DNA as I feel it is highly overused in the fashion industry but in this case it's apropriate. American Heritage is a part of Ralph Lauren's DNA and permeates through most of his collections from luxury to bridge.

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is the brand's latest collection and features denim, sportswear and accessories for men and women. The feel of the inaugural season is very robust with richly colored patterns and vintage washes that evoke the most nostalgic feelings. I particulary love the mix and match of southwestern patterns and plaids in the promo pictures. Not to mention the lean toward abrasions, rips, tears and bleaching in the denim offerings.

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is available in Macy's stores and retails between $39.50 to $295 with core jean styles under $100.