(Rogue Territory)

If nothing else, lovers of premium jeans, which is pretty much, like, everybody, will keep tailors comfortably in business. I've had many a hem taken in on more jeans than I can count. But what about custom jeans?

There was a time when having jeans custom-tailored for you and only you looked like it would become a thriving business and patrons were paying upwards of $500 per pair. Now, the demand seems to be waning. However, despite this there are some companies that have managed to flourish in this shrinking environment.

Picture 2In what could be called a custom-denim survival of the fittest, those that are still around have carved 
out their own special areas in this niche market. For example, indiCustom (formerly indiDenim) offers mass-customization where a buyer can choose from an extensive catalogue of pre-determined styles, lengths, buttons, pocket details etc and have a pair built to their specifications. Others go for a more one-on-one approach like LA-based Rogue Territory and French company Nadal & Pen.

Be that as it may, the lack of identifying pocket details make it difficult to identify how popular a custom brand is. After all, denim is first and foremost advertised on the rear-end. So this begs the question. Would you still pay for custom jeans?