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Adriano Goldschmied, who's juggernaut AG Jeans helped spur on the modern premium denim movement is launching a new collection under his Goldsign label for Spring 2012. The collection is called "Goldskin" and will be a small, intimate line of suede apparel.

Goldschmied looked to his heritage for inspiration and Goldskin represents the earthy tones, limestone and the ochre-colored homes of a historical Italian countryside with all of the garments colored using natural mineral dyes. The suede is supposed to be feather light, non-stretchy and is intended to drape for ultimate femininity.

So far it comes in four silhouettes; "Denise", a cropped jacket (above), "Faye", a cuffed short, "Jane", a mid-calf skirt and "Jenny", a skinny, cropped, high-waist, 5-pocket, cuffed "jean".