Philanthropy in the denim industry has increased significantly over the past few years, with companies giving back to causes that range from breast cancer to AIDS research.

One that has made a notable impact year after year is a program from Cotton Incorporated called COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN which takes donated denim and converts it into insulation for the home (Can Your Donated Jeans be Used to Build a Home for the Needy? Yes). The program has seen so much success that retailers like GAP and Barney's have all participated in it.

The latest retailer is American Eagle who not only will collect used jeans at over 850 American Eagle Outfitters stores, but will also expand their reach to 47 college campuses across the U.S. As an incentive those who bring in their used denim to AEO stores or to any of the recycling containers located on college campuses will recieve 20% off their entire purchase for the day.

The program starts today and will run through October 18th. Click here to find out if your college is participating.