All Access Fashion exceeded my expectations. People often rag on fashion events in the DMV (D.C., Virginia, Maryland area) for not being up to standard in comparison to major cities like Los Angeles and New York. This show was one of the best shows I have seen in DMV. The presentation was flawless, and the staff did a great job with creating a high fashion atmosphere. Fashionable ushers policed seating. And yes there was an official looking guy who with a clip board which added a little flair. Although he was handing out directives to the seat assistants, he was extremely sweet and even spoke to guests individually to make sure they were comfortable. The stage and backdrop was flawless and very professional. I really admire Tyson’s Gallery for promoting fashion and making it accessible to the community. There were all types of activities like a fashion inspired painting lounge and in-store parties.  Leisure lounges provided areas for attendees to stretch their limbs and 7 For All Mankind even had a female  DJ spinning beats in the store’s front window. Did I mention that I love female DJs?!

To be honest, as a music lover, the  DJ is what prompted me to come in and explore. The scene was festive and models walked around mingling with guests. The Seven For All Mankind store even had a stylist from Vogue on hand to help select clothing! While there I bumped into Ashley Middleton, a senior special events manager at Vogue. She was super friendly and down to earth! And yes, don’t you wish you had her job?!

Kudos to the 7 For All Mankind store for a fun event! I love when brands get creative because I become more attracted to the clothing and what the ideaology is behind the brand…

Memory Lane: I love denim and I can still remember when I bought my first pair of Seven Jeans! They were A pocket jeans with orange stitching. I still have them and they are the most comfortable jeans I own. Seriously. And I own a lot of jeans…

Anyhow take a peek of some of the latest in-store styles. There were some amazing coats and chic sweaters for the fall

Telena Cassell is the editor of The Fashion Brewery a blog that covers her love of fashion and pageantry. You can follow her on twitter @FashionBrew or visit The Fashion Brewery on Facebook.

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(Telena Cassell and Ashley Middleton)