In our line of work we get to sample lots of different brands of jeans. A few months back we received a package from Lucky Brand with three pairs of jeans; a bootcut, a flare and a skinny. Instead of wearing them and analyzing the fit like we normally do, we decided to conduct a little experiment.

Because we deal in denim, our eye is more critical than most. Therefore, we decided to give the jeans to a friend who rarely wears jeans in exchange for her amateur, unbiased opinion. Our test subject is Syncia Sabain, a Ph.D who works at Columbia Medical Center doing something that is way too over our heads to even attempt to give a description. We do know her wardrobe is largely corporate casual, with a mixture of high and low brands but not much denim.

We tasked Syncia to wear all three styles over several weeks until they were nice and broken in. Her verdict…the bootcut was her favorite because it complimented her curves and flattered her bottom. These instantly became her go-to pair. She also had a lot of praise for the skinny leg which she felt made her look more proportioned by elongating her legs. Praise was withheld for the flare leg which she felt made her look too top-heavy.

Overall, she loved her Lucky Brand Jeans and although she is reluctant to be photographed, let us take a picture of her in all three pairs. Thanks Syncia!