Despite last night's cold rain, the Dockers Spring/Summer 2012 preview brought out a big crowd of in-the-know industry folk eager to see what the reignited brand will offer next year. Following in the footsteps of owner Levi's®, Dockers is revolutionizing its industry (khakis), creating a "lifestyle culture" of passionate purists, which up until now was denim-specific.

From the drinks and food to the music and very good-looking crowd (and models), the event was the perfect backdrop to a fresh collection for men and women. Well-fitted camos have long eluded me, and my first purchase for Spring 2012 looks like it's gong to be these Dockers. I might even spring for the leather suspenders and olive drab tee! Pairing such a casual look next to the show's most dressy, office-appropriate ensemble was genius, as it showed that despite its wide spectrum, the collection and brand pervades confident coolness.

PS: Forget fedoras, get yourself a trilby.