Renowned for its unbridled natural beauty, the Appalachian Trail is the world’s most popular hiking trail. And for Spring/Summer 2012, it served as the key inspiration for CPT by Cockpit USA. For their new lookbook, the heritage military-inspired fashion label called upon the actual Appalachian Trail Team (whose job it is to keep up the trail) to model the new collection. The trail, which was conceived in 1921 and extends from Georgia to Maine, takes an estimated 5 million footsteps to complete, passing through small towns and untamed terrain that is home to over 2,000 species of rare and endangered plants and animals.

Utilizing hardy materials and rugged construction techniques, the collection evokes a tranquil yet adventurous mood, reminiscent of the raw wilderness of the trail. For spring, the line is pushing relaxed shirts, jerseys and utility shorts in geological colors of olive drab, stone, grey and burnt orange. All pieces in the collection, including the functionally stylish "Water Gap" jacket, the "Trail Head" denim racer jacket and the "Red Trail" and "Rocky Grey" shirts, take their name from an element of the Appalachian Trail hike.