Building upon today’s DenimHunt theme on redesigned, quasi-custom denim fits for women (see preceding James Jeans Couture post), I wanted to highlight Diesel’s rebranding initiative “Fit Your Attitude” of new jean cuts that specifically flatter women’s bodies. All styles in the collection share a constructed belt area that allows the waist to sit comfortably on the hips; molded-to-the-body, double-stitched side seams (to balance the front and back); higher yokes and bigger back pockets (for an improved derrière); as well as common back patches and back pocket eagle design.

Below are details on the five new styles “for five new attitudes”. They all feature unique washes, which (from a company with more than 30 years of experience in denim washing) hit their mark for next season.

Diesel bootzee

BOOTZEE: jeans perfect for dressing up and to feel sensual and sophisticated; thin bootcut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise.

Diesel getlegg

GETLEGG: slim-fit jeans with skinny legs but wider at the knee; higher back is perfect for free time and everyday life.

Diesel grupee 1

GRUPEE: super-slim-fit jean with a super-skinny leg and higher yoke; it draws inspiration from a strong, free-spirited woman on a sexy night out at the club.

Diesel highkee

HIGHKEE: fashionable, chic, “night around town” denim inspired by the 1950s; straight leg, slim fit, high waist, and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look at the back.

Diesel myguy

MYGUY: boyfriend jeans designed for the spontaneous and playful woman. Perfect for browsing a flea market on a Sunday morning, they feature a boyfriend-leg cut  (slightly tapered) and a relaxed fit with a low crotch.