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Early yesterday evening, I stopped by the Dockers showroom on Broadway to take a look at the new FW12 collection. Always creating mood-evoking presentations, Dockers is a prime example of a strong brand effectively driving lifestyle concept… difference being, it's a chino label and not denim. But they've learned a thing or two from parent company Levi's®. 

For FW12, complete looks (either on wooden forms or handsome models) impart solid ideas for rugged masculinity in a city environment. With an in-house tailor setting up shop, Dockers underscores its tailored approach to outdoorsy looks… a perfect lifestyle concept for chinos. Manly field coats, shawl collar sweaters, ties and fine leather accessories complement the brand's smart, athletic-fit trousers. These well-styled looks work for men of all ages, at most occasions (office to casual), on any day of the week.

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