MOD 1 SS12German denim and sportswear label M.O.D. once again delivers a fresh, contemporary collection for juniors and young men. The brand remains distinct, addressing its core customers’ desire for individuality by focusing on innovative fit-conscious cuts, unusual denim details and youth market washes.

For young men, joggers and low-crotch chinos with suspenders merchandise well alongside tried-and-true bleached denims. Masculine worker silhouettes sit slightly lower on the hips and have a bit more room throughout the leg. Chambray tops and soft-shell cotton jackets complete casual looks. For girls, brushed, washed-down surfaces are key for both skinny jeans and lighter weight one-pieces. Long blouses and tunics are easy layering options. Collection pieces serve as building blocks for cool summer looks, so colors remain safe (sand, navy, indigo and white). M.O.D. is all about self expression, letting personal accessorizing individualize ensembles.

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